Quarantine Blues

From a hospital bed I watched the embers smolder,

from my couch I watched the planet set ablaze.

When I was strong enough to walk again

I couldn’t help but be amazed.

The people were all wearing masks,

separated with gloved hands,

there was fear in every gaze.

Just months ago there was fighting,

a war brewing in the streets.

How will a nation so divided

find its way through this new maze?

The state wants us to stay at home,

to help to “slow the spread”.

The stores are shuttered and bars are closed,

what chaos will this raise?

Around the globe people lay sick and dying,

the great tragedy of our time.

Whatever the answer is I know

I must find clarity through this haze.

This is only the beginning of something

frightening and new,

outside the world is burning darling,

so please hand me another brew.



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