Entirely Faithful, Mildly Religious

If you try to go eye to eye with God

He’ll remind you

Of what makes you man,

and Him eternal.


Of how little you can fathom

of the Great Beyond,

And of this pebble in His garden

we are all living on.

That we are nothing more than dirt

given his breath of light,

So that we may rise each day

to put up that good fight.

This understanding of the world

that breaks us down,

Is the weight that He carries

without a frown.

God is that warmth in every embrace,

He is the tides,

the longing in your heart,

and the smile on your face.


He is the strength you find

in your darkest of days,

His guidance will reveal itself

in unforeseen ways.


One day we’ll all meet Him,

in His house we’ll be judged.

Let us try to be better,

For Him, and for us.