Flash Fiction: Margaritas

A young man and his date are sitting together in a Mexican restaurant. This young man has recently lost some weight. When the waiter takes an order for the first round of drinks, the man eagerly hands over his ID, proclaiming, “That’s me! Just twenty pounds heavier!” This all being done in a lame attempt to somehow impress the girl sitting across from him.

The waiter studies the ID for 7 long, uncomfortable seconds. He hands the man his ID back, saying, “I’d say 10,” before turning a shoulder and walking away.

The Reason

The first question I asked myself when I had the thought of creating a blog came to me in one word: Why?

That question took some pondering. Why create what is essentially an online journal that the world has access to? Why are my thoughts, my stories, and my projects worth sharing with the world?

Between those two questions I could really only come up with one answer: because everyone is unique. And I know that plays off of an age-old cliché, however, it is the only reason that anybody ever has the right to share their life with the Internet. The entire concept of blogging is based on the idea that each person has something different to share with the world.

And so that is what this blog will be; in the form collection of videos, stories, pictures, and rants. My own perspective on the world.


” One person’s craziness is another person’s reality. “

-Tim Burton